What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a search engine technology that takes an image file as an input query and draws all results about the image. Let us explain in detail what is visual search and what advantages you can catch with Panka.

Difference of Reverse Visual Search with Panka

If you want to query the photos of your content or your own photos on search engines; Panka offers you a unique advantage. Reverse visual search is done on the web in all search engines, but you can also perform your inquiries on mobile through our site. Thus, you can query as many images as you want on your search engines using your smartphone. You can take a photo of an object you want with your phone and instantly query it in all search engines. You can see the search result on the screen within seconds. You can find the query results of the images you uploaded to the Panka system on separate screens: Yandex, Bing and Google. You can easily upload the images in your mobile gallery to the system. If you wish, you can delete the image you uploaded or perform a different image upload to make a new search. You can access the query results practically with Panka, which offers easy visual search from your mobile phone.

What You Can Do With Image Search

Questioning the reverse image, known as Reverse image search, provides advantages in many subjects. We can list them as follows: