What Does Image Search Do?

You can find many content and images by typing the word in the search bar to search for anything on the Internet. But do you know that you can do the same for searching images only? With the method known as reverse image search, you can have information about the image you want. Also, the image you upload can be seen later by users who do the same search. You can also discover where else the image you are looking for is used with the reverse image search method.

For example, you have a photograph of a place you like very much and want to find out where this place is. At this point, the system helps you. You can perform reverse image search in more than one way.

Advantages of Looking Backwards

You can also search for images from other digital devices, such as phones or tablets, in the same way. It is possible to search backwards to find out when the image was first uploaded. Especially for journalists, backward search provides a great advantage in reaching the first source of the image and catching the date it was uploaded. Reverse search also has a strategic feature for photographers. Photographers can track whether a visual of their own is shared without permission, through a reverse lookup.

It is enough to follow just a few steps to be able to call back on the smartphone. You must hold on the image in your phone gallery that you want to search. You can start the search by giving the command "search image" to the box that appears and you can reach all the images. The image you upload a few hours after uploading to the search engine and completing the search is automatically deleted from the system. You can also perform reverse search through Panka. Thus, you can quickly reach the desired image.