Find Out Who Used Your Photo!

Do the social media accounts, which are increasing in number every day, worry about the use of your private photos? Is it gnawing at you whether the photos you take for your products are used without permission on the shopping sites that reach a wide range of customers? Find out who used your photos with Panka! Answering all the questions in the user's mind with the click of a button with the reverse visual search method, Panka quickly searches the image you will upload by using different search engines in every corner of the Internet. In this way, you can find out where, by whom and in what dimensions your photos are used.

How does it work?

Reverse image search is a type of search done by uploading images without writing words or sentences to the search engine. In this type of search, it is possible to upload any photo you want, either from the phone or from the computer with Panka. In a few seconds, Panka shows you who is using your photo and even offers similar images. Moreover, the system is very simple! After clicking the "Upload" button, select the photo you want and the results will be listed for you. That's it! With the help of Panka, you don't have to worry about your photos.

Either Personal or Commercial Use

It is now very easy to identify labor and identity thieves with Panka. Panka checks whether the photographs you take are used without permission from you thanks to the visual search from the back, and traces your photographs. Moreover, if your photo was used, it allows you to find out when, on which platform and by whom. In addition, it is possible to follow personal photos that you have uploaded to your social media accounts, whether you have taken a landscape or food photo or photos of you, your family, your dog or your cat with Panka! In this era of fake accounts on the Internet, you can protect yourself from identity thieves and prevent people acting like you.